The Pastor's Corner

February 2017

Keys to Understanding Isaiah 40:31

"But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." NKJV

1. It's ok to question God. He wants us to get from a place of doubt to a place of faith. More important to God than changing your circumstances is changing you.

2. To understand, you have to understand God and who He is. He is NOT a glorified servant , here to meet your every whim. What is God really like? If you thing of Him as something you can touch, you have missed the point. He is the creator, not the created.

3. "Wait" means a hopeful expectation, a trust. When you are waiting, you are trusting. Trust in the living God.

4. He will renew your strength. He will exchange His strength for your weakness.

5. When everything in you is trusting in Him, anything is possible. Whatever He has planned for us is so much more than we could ever imagine.



August 8, 2016

Please join us as we continue to explore the life of Peter, where the chisel hits the rock. Come and see how Peter's life and experiences relate so closely to ours.  We look forward to worshiping with you.


March 16,2015

4Xfourchallenge, and "The Woman at the Well"

In John Chapter 4, we find the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. After talking with Jesus a while, the woman put her faith in Jesus as her Savior, as evidenced by her response. John 4:28-29, The woman left her waterpot, went her way into the city, and said to the men, come, see a Man, "who told me all things I ever did. Coiuld this be the Christ?" The men came and visited with Jesus for two days: they aslo brought their friends and manby of them believed in Jesus! Do you have friends family members, or co workers that you would love to see come to Christ? Then the fxfour challenge may be what you are looking for. It is the same process that we see in this narrative with the woman at the well on how to bring your friends to Christ.

Step 1.  Identify four people that God has place on your heart, that are away from Christ or not in a relationship with the Lord

Step 2. Intercede - Begin praying for them by name, at least four times a week

Step 3. Invest your time in building a realtionship with them

Step 4. Invite them to church, Easter services, The 40 Days Campaign - "What on Earth Am I Here For"

Statistics show that...50% of Americans would attend  church if invited by a family member or close friend.

We know that simply getting someone to church is not the answer, it is the first step - but being in a church where the Love of God is being enthusiastically lived out by its members, The Word of God is preached, and the presence and Power of Jesus Christ is clearly evident, can be Life Changing!

Pray about the people God is placing on your heart, and commit yourself to this challenge. Then stand by and watch as God uses you to make a differnce in the hearts and lives of people in our families, our town, and our world.


God Bless,  pastor david



January 4th, 2015

Continuing with the "P-31 Challenge"

Verse from todays reading...Psalms 5:3 "In the morning Lord, you hear my voice; In the morning I lay my request before you and wait expectantly."

Sunday's message from Proverbs 3,...

"How to live to be 100, and love it!"

There are several "Life/Death Calculators" available online, that will estimate the length of time you are expected to live. Answer a few questions about your health, age, gender, marital status, habits, personality, and lifestyle choices; Hit the submit button and...Bingo!, it estimates the numbers of days you might remain on this earth. My calculation from was 84 years,124 days. Proverbs, chapter 3 will give you a much better indicator about the Quantity of your life, as well as the Quality of your life. God's Word assures us that if we keep His commands, He will give us a long, satisfying life. He will be our Protector, our Guide, and our Friend. He also promises to give us His Peace, and His Favor. (it's all in Proverbs 3 and more)  Lastly, and most importantly, His promise to us is that we will live with Him eternally, if we put our trust in Him! (Psalm 23:6 & John 3:16)

Doin't get me wrong! I want to live a long, blessed life here on this earth. But my real Joy will be to live in the presence of My God, Savior, King, and Friend, Jesus Christ, for all of eternity.

May you have a blessed beginning of this New Year,

 - pastor david

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December 28. 2014

As we approach the new year: 5 Keys to Having a Great Year (taken from Ephesians 5:15-21)

     1. Look back and learn from the past year and be thankful for all of the things you've been through. Learn from it.

     2. Walk carefully, aiming high. You are precious to God. He has given you all of your days. Walk with Him.

     3. Expect opposition. Those that try to live Godly lives will have opposition.

     4. Make the most of every opportunity. Your days are a gift from God...use them.

     5. Understand what God wants for you. Learn it and do it. How do you learn what God wants for you? His word.

Challenge for January bible reading.......P31...... Read one Psalm and one Proverb each day in January. Let God speak to you through His word.


December 17, 2014

Pastor David gets ready for the Christmas program.

For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brethren.    Romans 8:29
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